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Bersiher - Cooler, Cleaner & Booster
Bersiher - Cooler, Cleaner & Booster

Bersiher - Cooler, Cleaner & Booster1.0.20.0529


Simple Clean, Simple Life

Bersiher, a safe effective optimization free tool with Cooler, Cleaner, Booster. It is a simplified super clean master.

Bersiher can protect your phone from overheating, cleaning junk files and cache to free up storage, and brings you a better mobile experience.

Main Features:

CPU Cooling
Bersiher can analyze the CPU usage of your phone intelligently and stop overheating Apps to cool down CPU temperature immediately with only ONE-TAP.

Master Cleaner
Bersiher can free up your phone space and speed it up by cleaning all sorts of junks:
- Junk Files: Useless files that take up your memory and storage space.
- Cache Files: Residual cache system files left by uninstalled Apps.

Speed Boost
- Optimize phone speed by removing redundant background tasks in one-tap.
- Stop stealthy running Apps and speed up your phone.

Why overheating?
- Continuously running highly demanding Apps (Games, Videos).
- Frequently checking and connecting (Location, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi).

Why is cooler important?
Overheating does irreversible damage to the battery and CPU of your phone:
- Battery lifespan shortened.
- Slower Phone process and easy to crash.
- Security issues.

What's New

fix bug

Number of Downloads :

5,000,000+ downloads

Last Update :

May 29, 2018

Current Version :

Developer :

Leola Glover

File Size :

7.77 MB

Developer email :

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