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WIDEX EVOKE1.1.0 (43)

Category: MEDICAL
By: Widex A/S
USK: All ages

The EVOKE app from WIDEX allows you to connect to your WIDEX EVOKE hearing aid and control the functions of the world’s first truly smart hearing aid. Every time you personalize your listening experience, EVOKE learns.
The EVOKE app is compatible with 2.4GHz EVOKE hearing aids (E-F2). Please note that the direct streaming feature is not available on Android phones.

With the EVOKE app you can:
- Personalize your listening experience
- Let the hearing aid automatically adapt to your needs
- Adjust hearing aid volume and mute hearing aids
- Adjust directional focus to aid listening
- Create personal programs with your sound adjustments
- Add locations to programs for automatic selection
- Adjust the pitch of the sound (bass, middle and treble) using the equalizer
- Access “Help” and troubleshooting tips in the app
- Access the “Find my hearing aid” feature

The WIDEX EVOKE app is verified with the following devices; however, smartphone manufactures may have variants that differ from the one tested. It can be difficult to guarantee a perfect function in every case. Please check in advance if your smartphone works well with the EVOKE app.
- Samsung S8+
- Samsung S8
- Samsung S7
- Samsung S7 Edge
- Samsung S6
- Samsung S6 Edge
- Samsung S5
- Samsung S5 NEO
- Samsung A5 (2017)
- Samsung J5
- Samsung Galaxy Note 8
- Samsung Galaxy Note 4
- Huawei Nexus 6P
- Google Pixel 2
- Google Pixel
- Google Pixel XL
- HTC 10
- Moto G5
- Sony Xperia XZ Premium
- Sony Xperia XZ
We continue to improve out compatibility list. Please visit our website ( for the new devices we support.

Product number: 5 300 0015

What's New

New firmware version. Introducing new features with WIDEX TV PLAY-a new streaming accessory to stream TV directly to your hearing aids.

Number of Downloads :

10,000+ downloads

Last Update :

Oct 22, 2018

Current Version :

1.1.0 (43)

Developer :

Widex A/S

File Size :

28.66 MB

Developer email :

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