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NeighborShopper - Grocery Delivery
NeighborShopper - Grocery Delivery

NeighborShopper - Grocery Delivery1.2.1


No time for grocery shopping? Or just need a few items from a grocery store?
NeighborShopper connects you with neighbors already shopping at grocery stores to request delivery in real time.

While your neighbors and friends are in a grocery store, they can pick up items you need and deliver to you. Our app is free to download, and you pay a small delivery fee to your neighbor. Likewise, if you are already at a store, you can shop for neighbors and make some extra cash!

All payments are made securely through our app. It’s easy and convenient.

Try the app today! Start inviting your friends and neighbors to create a shopping network in your community.

Key Features:
- Choose a grocery store near you and send a request to available neighbors and friends in the store.
- Receive notifications when your neighbors and friends are in nearby grocery stores.
- Create your grocery list.
- No minimum order.
- In-app chat/messaging feature.
- Get your grocery delivered to your door and track your order in real time.
- In-app payment feature to securely pay your neighbors and friends.
- Add your neighbors and friends to the friend list.

What's New

General bug fixes and performance improvements.

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500+ downloads

Last Update :

Nov 17, 2017

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21.82 MB

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