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Alarm Clock & Themes - Stopwatch, Timer, Calendar
Alarm Clock & Themes - Stopwatch, Timer, Calendar

Alarm Clock & Themes - Stopwatch, Timer, Calendar1.3.7.1


🏆Alarm Clock & Themes , 4.6 high rating on Google Play! Ratings beyond 95% clocks.

Alarm Clock & Themes makes waking easier. In daily life, it reminds you to finish important things in perfect time. In addition, with bedside clock , timer, calendar, stopwatch and call screen light , Alarm Clock & Themes is just like your sweet personal assistant so that everything can be easily solved.

Function recommendation:

🔥 Alarm Clock :
Preset alarm with just one key & No need to set, add the reminder you in just one second

🔥 Health Alarm :
Health reminders according to expert advice, helping you to create scientific timetable for meals, work, and rest

🔥 Stopwatch :
Start and stop the stopwatch which is up to 99 hours by pressing a single button below the large, clear, digital stopwatch

🔥 Countdown Timer :
Perfect for every timing situation (sports, games, work and of course great as a kitchen timer)

🔥 Bedside clock :
Nightstand mode with changeable brightness to protect your eyes for a good night’s sleep, and built-in flashlight save yourself groping around in the dark

🔥 Call Screen Light :
Stylish dynamic call screen LED lights notification , make a different call and never miss important calls when silent mode

🔥 Calendar Alarm :
Manage your schedules, special days such as birthdays/anniversaries/credit card payment dates and to-dos

🔥 Clock Widget :
Decorate your phone with 4 stylish clock widgets including analog dial and digital clock

🔥 Live wallpaper :
Choose live wallpapers with a variety of watch faces

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We sincerely hope that you will enjoy a balanced lifestyle with our beautiful and functional Alarm Clock & Themes !

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Dec 21, 2018

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