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Pocket Dinosaur GO
Pocket Dinosaur GO

Pocket Dinosaur GO1


A development game for children in augmented reality, with cognitive information about the prehistoric creatures of our planet. Mobile dino encyclopedia game.

In the encyclopedia game Pocket Dinosaur GO you can feel like a real hunter on predatory dinosaurs. Track the dino with the built-in radar and follow the trail. Find all the hidden dino in your city!

You have to look for and catch the disguised predatory and carnivorous prehistoric animals in the real world with the help of a radar and a smartphone camera. Move through the streets of the city, parks and squares, even inside buildings and with the help of radar find hidden dinosaurs. You can meet a predator like a tyrannosaurus or pterodactyl right at home! Or catch a huge diplodoc or seismosaurus near the entrance! You also can meet iguanodon, plesiosaur and many others. As soon as you track down the huge reptile, rather throw a red ball into it, so it will fall into your phone. Collect all the prehistoric lizards in your collection!

Pocket Dinosaur GO uses augmented reality technology and requires you to move around to find dinosaurs. Be careful near the roadway, remember safety!

Number of Downloads :

1,000,000+ downloads

Last Update :

Dec 16, 2017

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Developer :

Pocket Catch Games

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18.25 MB

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