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Minimalist Sofa Design
Minimalist Sofa Design

Minimalist Sofa Design1.0

By: nitasya
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The size of the sofa itself
1 Depending on the size of the room you have and including how often you receive guests, look for a sofa that can accommodate your guests.
Match with Home Interior
What is the theme of your home? If your residence is a minimalist modern residence, it would be strange if you specify a classic sofa with an engraving.
2 Convenience
Although comfort is not always a priority, especially if your guests just come for a while, you always have to track a comfortable sofa to sit and make a home.
3 Colors of the Sofa
Choose a neutral color so as not to give extra impression too much in the room.
Of course, in addition to determining the right sofa, you include must listen to the arrangement. Notice this subject:
4 Do not overdo it
Indeed, there is a sense of craving to show off and state that your house is nice and attractive. But this does not mean you put all the decorations and paintings inside the guest area. Give ornaments, but the commonplace.
5 Simple Decoration Only
Flowers in the corner of the room, paintings on one wall, or carvings or sculptures in the corner of the sofa, with extra decorative lights on the table. Small things but interesting and give extra personal impression on the room.
6 The furnishings are united concepts
You can take advantage of furniture and sofas from different sets, but try to have a consistent theme in it
And here are some examples of minimalist sofa images

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