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30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout - Gym Training
30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout - Gym Training

30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout - Gym Training1.2.0

By: NTStudio

Make your fat cells melt away just like an ice cube through 30 Day Fitness Challenge app. Within 30 days, see measurable difference in your weight loss following this precisely carved workout challenge.

By fully considering workouts rules, 30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout increases exercise intensity step by step, so you can easily stick daily workouts. Don't need to go to gym, just use your bodyweight and take a few minutes a day, 30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout will greatly help you keep fitness and lose weight effectively.Try it now!

What will 30 Day Fitness Challenge app offer you?


- Reminds you to workout every day
- Detailed video guides
- Increases exercise intensity step by step
- 30 day abs challenge
- 30 day full body challenge
- 30 day arm challenge
- 30 day butt challenge
- 30 day leg challenge

Once you feel that you have stop losing weight, don’t worry! It happens due to your body getting used to the daily exercise. What you need to do is - switch to other exciting activities. 30 Day Fitness Challenge encourages you for fitness activities like boxing, meditation, yoga and more to try it. After each session, take 10-15 mins time for relaxation and observe your the changes in your body. The blood circulation, heart rhythm, vein pumps, breathing pace and many more.

What's New

Ver 1.2.0 :
- Add new function remove ads
- Optimize application
- Fixed critical issues
Ver 1.1.8 :
- Optimize application
- Fixed critical issues
Ver 1.1.6 :
- Fixed critical issues
Ver 1.0.6 :
- Update text for Spanish language
- Update text for French language
Ver 1.0.4 :
- Update leg workout plans
Ver 1.0.2 :
- Fixed issue blinking when next exercise

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50,000+ downloads

Last Update :

Sep 16, 2017

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