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Subway Skateboard Ride Tricks - Extreme Skating
Subway Skateboard Ride Tricks - Extreme Skating

Subway Skateboard Ride Tricks - Extreme Skating1.6.3

Category: SPORTS
Everyone 10+

Do you love skateboarding!? As you know, being a urban skater is a way of life: Skateboard urban subway culture give an identity to the skaters who practice freestyle, tricks and jumps all over the city.
Train your abilities on new tricks and movements and we are sure you will love this funny skateboarding stunt simulator game! Master the best skater jump ever!

Become a professional urban skater with the most accurate movements and tricks: Jump and jump and do not slip or you will crash off your skateboard!
-> Skate in the city urban subway avoiding all the obstacles you find in extreme skating races full of adrenaline!
-> Beware of the subway trains! Enjoy a freestyle skate ride without end in this amazing skater game!
-> Speed up and ride your skateboard accurate! Live the thrills of the extreme skating!
-> Master your skater skills and do not loose the control of your skateboard: Practising skateboarding races will improve your skills!
-> Appropriate for children and adults who love skateboarding and extreme skating games!

This race through the city urban subway will switch on your adrenaline! You are the skater: Grab your skateboard, join our skating crew and start a crazy race in the subway!

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