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Super Slide Racer FREE
Super Slide Racer FREE

Super Slide Racer FREE1.130004

Category: RACING

Super Slide Racer is a top-down racing game where you slide and drift around the tracks and try to bust those lap times.

Full version WITH AD's, including all tracks!

It is challenging, not too hard, not too easy.
You can race with seven AI drivers or do some 'hot lapping' all alone.

- 7 AI racers
- 20+ tracks (More tracks will appear from time to time)
- Submit your fastest laptimes to website
- Save/Load season

We recommend that you visit to check the documentation about the gameplay before you start seriously playing the game.

Fastest laptimes online:

Feel free to contact if you find some bugs or have suggestions for new features.

Join the facebook group:

What's New

This is FULL version with ad's

Number of Downloads :

100,000+ downloads

Last Update :

Oct 7, 2018

Current Version :


Developer :

Sami Eronen / NDG

File Size :

45.97 MB

Developer email :

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