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Barcode it Checker
Barcode it Checker

Barcode it Checker1.4.7

Category: SHOPPING

Barcode it Checker is designed to checking goods by its barcode. Any standard barcode has control sum. My program allows you to check this sum simply by pointing your device's camera at the barcode. Also my program shows the country of manufacture of goods on its barcode. If scanned barcode does not match the numbers on the packaging or barcode is not genuine or does not match country of manufacture, you should not buy such goods.
My app is:
• Show you goods with fake barcodes.
• Helps to know the country of manufacture
• Easy to use
• Designed to smartphones and tablets
• Absolutely free

Have a nice shopping!

What's New

- Fixed bugs and crashes Android 6.0 devices
- Performance improvements
- Minor interface improvements

- Add Android 2.3 support
- Updated librarys

- Appearance of the app redesigned in accordance with Meterial Design guidelines
- Reworked history section

-Now you can input first 3 digits of barcode and get country of manufacture

-Now you can search scanned barcod in internet

-Added manual input of barcode

Number of Downloads :

100,000+ downloads

Last Update :

Sep 2, 2016

Current Version :


Developer :

Irony Software

File Size :

8.74 MB

Developer email :

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