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PAW Puppy Chase Patrol Games
PAW Puppy Chase Patrol Games

PAW Puppy Chase Patrol Games8.0


PAW Puppy Chase Patrol Games is a very fun physics-based driving paw game for kids.

PAW puppy chase is a very courageous and powerful paw puppy chase is a helpful and funny paw puppy Police, in this game paw puppy chase get a mission from the PAW rescue dog chief to patrol the city streets suddenly the evil mayor with his patrol cat came and screwed up in the city street , an evil patrol cat keeps the city's streets cluttered and the traffic becomes chaotic, the PAW chase puppy tries to puppy chase and catch the evil patrol kittens in his very cool puppy patrol car, but because the city's roads are so messy it is very difficult for the paw puppy chase is a deliberate obstacle made by an evil patrol kitten so the paw chase puppy can not catch it.

in this game you should be able to help the paw puppy chase complete its mission and pass all the obstacles to catch the evil patrol cats, control the paw chase puppy patrol car to get through all the obstacles jumping, climbing, flying up and down, lest chase patrol cars and gameover, be a hero with a chase

Features in these paw games:
- very cool picture HD quality
- very simple but fun game
- very easy control
- There are 2 scene night and day which is randomized by system paw aptrol
- unlimited excitement patrol games
- addicting on et paws race car games for kids
- flying battle tank puppy schools
- pet race pet racing patrol games for kids
- super paw puppy rescue patrol
- allpaws puppy racing rescue patrol paws
- the best rescue paw puppy patrol games

let's download and play PAW Pup Chase Patrol Games free now.

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10,000+ downloads

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Feb 24, 2018

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Happy funs Game

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16.58 MB

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