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Mickey Legend of mouse : Adventures
Mickey Legend of mouse : Adventures

Mickey Legend of mouse : Adventures2.0

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Mickey Legend of Mouse is a new Adventure game in which you can. In which you can spend time searching the treasure with your our little friend.

mickey for kids Adventures is a free running games About toys who is running to help his girlfriend after she was kidnapped. Help miki maus . Be fast, quick, and accurate in order to help mickey legend to cross a sboy jungle adventures full of monsters . The jungle adventures is a big forest consisted of different risky enviroments. Collect power ups and coins in order to power up pirates to the maximum level, with that been said you will be able to shoot explosive bombs to kill monsters from distance with jake after the power up. Yhe best to kill the monsters with jakes is by shooting explosive bombs from distance. You will meet plenty of monsters inside the jungle adventures, you have to dodge all monsters and jump over obstacles in orer to keep Lightyear alive. Download for free and enjoy the wild jungle adventures with mouse .

You will spend all your adventure in a big scary castle which is full of armed guards. To help mini mouse you should fighting them or just dodge there hits and you need to collect a magic diamonds to own a magic power in order defeat them easily on our game will collect apples which can really help you to hit them and run away . I forget to tell you that castle Full of mazes just use your brain and develop your skills on running and jumping to find the right direction.

This game has great features:
- Great HD graphics
- Nice music and effects
- Store where you can buy additional items
- Hidden items
- minimouse games for free has checkpoint.
- miki maus games free
Feature mickey adventure mouse games:
- The number of levels in each level
- Tap your mobile to make hero jump
- Collect gamma to earn points
- Graph interesting picture
- The game is very easy to play,
- There is help {help} in order to facilitate to play

Mickey the mouse FOR FAMILIES!
It's a great game to improve attention.miki maus and children are prepared to spend wonderful and educational time with you and your parents.
You can be involved in this game where you can have a fun and enjoyable time. While playing this game, you can compete with other players in the Leader Table and fight more!

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5,000+ downloads

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Dec 26, 2017

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