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Bird and Animal soundboard
Bird and Animal soundboard

Bird and Animal soundboard4.6


Bird and Animal Sounds is free android app for all bird and animal lovers. This free soundboard app has over 40 bird and animal tones. Relaxing melodies with images can help you learn something about animals and birds, and relax. Bird and Animal Sounds is great app for all who love animals or professional bird watchers. This app includes 41 most popular animal sounds and bird calls. Play some free tone and you will get the feeling like you are in nature environment deep in forest away from problems. Beautiful singing of these majestic animals is always nice to hear. So, download Bird and Animal Sounds now and enjoy beautiful bird call melodies, nature sounds and music. You can also use bird sounds as ringtone contact ringtone, notification or even alarm if you like to wake up with beautiful bird singing sound. Download free nature sounds now!

-Includes 40 bird calls and animal voices.
-Set as Ringtone, Contact Ringtone, SMS Notification, and Alarm.
-Very easy to use.
-Support all screen sizes and it’s compatible with 99% android devices.
-It's completely free, this is the full version.

What's New

Ui bug fixes
Various bug fixes
Improved permission dialogs

Number of Downloads :

100,000+ downloads

Last Update :

Dec 13, 2018

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Developer :

Beautiful Ringtones

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14.84 MB

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