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Airplane Descent Calculator LT
Airplane Descent Calculator LT

Airplane Descent Calculator LT1.3.2

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Airplane Descent Calculator Pro $3,99

Suppose you are at 10.000 feet and need to descend to 2.000 feet. Where do you begin your descent?

Airplane Descent Calculator Lite allows you to calculate the distance in which the plane should begin the descent to get target altitude, for a specific descent rate (vertical speed) and ground speed (horizontal speed).

Many times during an aircraft flight, true ground speed differs from precomputed ground speed, so, during the flight is necessary to calculate how far we need to begin the descent. To avoid needing to go down at 3.000 feet/minute in a Cessna 150, to descend from the current altitude to runway altitude.

This App is Free, has No Ads, and not special permissions needed.

You can also check Airplane Descent Calculator Pro which allows to:

- Calculate the distance to begin the descent for a specific descent rate
- Calculate the descent rate to get a specific altitude from your current distance
- Automatically get current altitude and ground speed from GPS

NOTE: Application NOT certified for Real Flight. If you use it, it is at your own risk !!!

What's New


- Added one decimal point to calculated distance and time

- File size reduced
- Some minor corrections

- Initial release

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10,000+ downloads

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Jan 27, 2016

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Luis Alvarez

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