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Design Pillars House
Design Pillars House

Design Pillars House1.0

By: aguszaid

exterior on the outside of the house but also can be useful to keep the main doors and windows from the threat of sunlight or rain before starting to build a terrace please first read the following tips tips that will certainly be useful to support the beauty of the minimalist home terrace you have.
The area of ​​the home terrace is the first step to adjust the size of the area for your terrace if the terrace wants to be added patio chairs to relax on the day so make the terrace a little more spacious than the usual terraces.
the design and material of the terrace pillar is the main factor in the construction of a strong and sturdy material terrace is also a factor that is vital, because the pole is functioned to support the terrace
The roof terrace of the house at the top of the terrace was no less main with the pole, The blend of a neat paint color and modern design on the terrace will add another home nuance on the house.
The walls of the house terrace in various models of modern minimalist homes wall terrace walls and house walls on the front can be given a variety of additional accessories design for example marble or natural stone attached to half the terrace wall
The choice of texture of motif and color of ceramic terrace terrace house is building on the outside of the house facing directly with various weather nah for the selection of ceramic texture motifs terrace is no less important for example if you are in the area with high rainfall then it is better if you choose texture ceramic or porcelain so tightly so as not to be slippery when it rains

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