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Bumper Cars Crash Course
Bumper Cars Crash Course

Bumper Cars Crash Course1.12

Category: RACING

Bumper Cars Crash Course is an epic game where you really have to challenge yourselff to win it from your rivals. In this game it's not about driving good it's about to crash your way to your rivals!

Features of Bumper Cars Crash Course
* hit them as hard as possible
* 2 different arena's to bump and crash
* bump your way on the crash course
* roof top building driving like a pro
* Hit all your rivals and knock them out!

Can you win all the challenges and win the cup for every challenge.

Choose your favorite color of bumper cars and become the best bumper car driver of the roof

What's New

in soccer mode - Ball Select

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1,000,000+ downloads

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Mar 3, 2018

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80.24 MB

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