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World Currency exchange rates
World Currency exchange rates

World Currency exchange rates6.0.4

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Simple and convenient app for quick review of current exchange rates of 160+ world currencies, their history within different time frames and a currency calculator
to immediately evaluate any amounts in another currency

- Current exchange rate between all world currencies;
- Bitcoin;
- Charts based on one-hour and longer time frames;
- Automatical rates updating;
- Currency calculator to evaluate any amount in another currency;
- Flag images for all countries;
- Countries are sorted in alphabetic order;
- Up to 5 characters accuracy.

Currency quotation does not change on weekends, as foreign exchange markets are closed at that time.

- Time and date on charts are indicated according to your time zone.

What's New

1-hour, 6-hour and 3-year time frames added

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500,000+ downloads

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Jul 10, 2018

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