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Universal Farsi Keyboard 2018 : Persian Keyboard
Universal Farsi Keyboard 2018 : Persian Keyboard

Universal Farsi Keyboard 2018 : Persian Keyboard1.0


Universal Keyboard English Urdu and Farsi + emoji is the best and fastest multilingual Android keyboard for writing English Urdu and Persian with a swipe of a finger. Auto transforming keys allow user dictionary words editor and special characters. Persian New keyboard is the best keyboard for all android phones with pretty emoticons. Rain keyboard is a complete Urdu keyboard with all the letters and correction suggestions. Persian Language Keyboard with colored font gives the options of keyboard customizer to set keyboard background and change the theme.
Universal Keyboard English Urdu and Farsi with emoji, emoticon, and smileys has been ranked as the No.1 top app in more than 90 countries in tools category! This is one of the best theme keyboards for free that is compatible with most smartphone versions and will look amazing on your Android device. Utility keyboard is a new version of English keyboard and also SMS Farsi KeyBoard with set photo keyboard options. Persian famous Wallpapers glassy keyboard is Persian-English, Persian-Urdu, English-Urdu, and Urdu-English free keyboard.
English Keyboard
The new version of English keyboard 2018 includes the stunning Universal Keyboard English Urdu and Farsi + emoji. Rainy keyboard gives you correction suggestions with fast input. The glassy keyboard has some cool water consumption keyboard memes that will make you laugh a lot. When you feel that words are not enough to express your feelings, try sending an emoji! A large selection of emoji is pre-installed on Panda Emoji Keyboard for you to add more fun to your chats! Roman English keyboard is a very soft keypad and best for fast typing with elegant theme style.
Speed typing is not a big deal now you will become a pro typist by using our utility keyboard for correction suggestions and customizable keypad English. Rainy keyboard theme and Glassy Keyboard are top new free keyboard themes. Famous Fonts Includes Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman, Curlz MT, Gill Sans, Lucida Calligraphy Italic, Rockwell, Bodoni Regular, and Helvetica.

Urdu Keyboard
Universal Keyboard English Urdu and Farsi + emoji will give you the ease to write proper Urdu words and post any Urdu status on Facebook and Whatsapp. Nastaleeq keboard help you to write beautiful font Urdu text on photos with the keypad. Urdu alphabetic keboard will also have the ability to convert Urdu speech to Urdu text and Urdu speech to English text translation in next update. Urdu keyboard for Android helps you to write Urdu in any application and freely type the Urdu sentences of your choice.
Best Fonts includes Jameel Noori Kasheeda, Jameel Noori Nastaleeq, Fajer Noori Nastalique, AlQalam Miki, Aswad, Gohar Urdu Unicode, Nafees Naskh, Angsab Urdu Fonts, Aadil Urdu Fonts Free Download.
Farsi Keyboard
Persian Unique Keyboard with enriched features like keyboard customizer, pretty emoticons, and keyboard background changer. In My photo keypad you can set your picture on a keypad background you can also add Persian famous wallpapers and colored fonts.
Farsi Keypad will help you build a core Persian (Farsi) vocabulary with widely-used nouns and verbs suggestions, and write Persian (Farsi) clearly. Famous Farsi fonts include: Sharif FarsiWeb, Uthman Taha Naskh Font, IRMUG Fonts, Iran-Nastaliq Font, Farhood Font, Neirizi Font, and Dastnevis Font
How to use?
❆ Open Universal keyboard app
❆ Click on “Enable Keyboard” button
❆ Enable Settings of your choice like sound, prediction, key preview, etc.
❆ Go back and click on “Setting Keyboard” button and choose Universal Keyboard
❆ Cool Keypad Buttons that make typing faster
❆ Different trendy and cute keyboard skins on your Demand
❆ Easy-to-type best Android keyboard 2018
❆ Easily Input various kind of smiley and emoticons
Download this beautiful keypad free app and enjoy messaging with ease and don’t forget to review as it is very important for next updates.

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Dec 21, 2017

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Funloft Apps

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