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Theorie Examen NL ENG - CBR 2018 auto 🚘
Theorie Examen NL ENG - CBR 2018 auto 🚘

Theorie Examen NL ENG - CBR 2018 auto 🚘1.1.0


🚘 Practice for the Driving Theory Test of the Netherlands 🚘

ℹ Wil je in het Nederlands oefenen? Druk op de Nederlandse vlag.

ℹ Press the English flag to turn on English
ℹ Initial load could take a while, you might see a white screen.
ℹ You need internet to use the app.

✔ Try a few exams for free (press a non-premium category)
✔ Practice with more than 1100 questions
✔ Including theory book with search function
✔ Up-to-date for the Driving Theory Test of 2018
✔ Includes all the required theory for the test
✔ Receive immediate feedback on every question
✔ Progress: visually track your progress with the bar and graph

English Service
Easy to reach every day of the week!
📱 WhatsApp 06 1398 4966

✔ Unlimited access to all questions and tests
✔ Learning system: new questions and questions that you have difficulty with are asked more often. You learn much faster with the learning system!
✔ Categories that you have to learn more are recommended

✔ Forum: talk with other people on the forum.
✔ Compare driving schools

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