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Winter Solitaire
Winter Solitaire

Winter Solitaire1.0.11

Category: CARD

Play the popular Winter Solitaire game for FREE on your phone! This new type of solitaire game includes a mode face-up strategy mode. See all the cards, and use that to make the best decision on which card to play next. Christmas Solitaire will look good and run smoothly on any device, from a phone up to a tablet.The goal of the game is to clear all of the gold cards from the pyramid. Play FREE Winter solitaire. Get into the holiday spirit with our fun ideas for Christmas. Try this enjoyable game and become an expert.

Game features:
# Lock and Key
# Lucky cards;
# portrait modes;
# Random deals, each hand is fresh;
# Hints can help everyone to play it;
# Social sharing;
# Feed Fishes
# Special bonus system;
# Game rules inside the application.
This game is localized into 15 languages. Help us modify translate errors by sending an e-mail to us, Thanks a lot!

Play Winter Solitaire right now and enjoy every moment of the game!

Number of Downloads :

10,000+ downloads

Last Update :

Jun 20, 2018

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Developer :

Xu Solitaire Games

File Size :

29.52 MB

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