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Coffee Keeper - Brewing and Roasting Notes
Coffee Keeper - Brewing and Roasting Notes

Coffee Keeper - Brewing and Roasting Notes2.0.0


Coffee Keeper is for anyone interested in brewing and roasting better coffee. Created by a coffee nerd for coffee nerds. View any of the preloaded recipes to brew for French Press, Moka Pot, Aeropress®, Chemex® and Hario V60®. Or create your own recipes and master the perfect brew. Also, create custom notes for a roast, and Coffee Keeper will create a roast graph that tracks bean and roaster tempature.

-Create custom brew recipes, or view popular brews that come with the app.
-An interactive brew recipe page, where users can adjust scale, units, strength, and see a visualized timer of the brew.
-A full featured roast journal, where users track bean tempature, roaster tempature, beans, and notes.
-Visualized roast page that shows a roast tempature graph, steps, notes, and additional comments.

Coffee Keeper is the perfect solution for keeping track of the quest for a perfect cup of coffee.

Please contact me with any comments, suggestions, or problems and I promise that I will address the issue as soon as possible! Thanks for using Coffee Keeper!

What's New

Social features for pro users:
-Discover Recipes section where users can search and find new brews
-Profile page
-Users can upload brews to be commented on, liked, and downloaded

-Minor bug and UI improvements

Number of Downloads :

1,000+ downloads

Last Update :

Mar 24, 2018

Current Version :


Developer :

PJE Development

File Size :

3.42 MB

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