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Flexibility Stretch for Splits
Flexibility Stretch for Splits

Flexibility Stretch for Splits1.3

By: Esterbi
Mature 17+

Flexibility stretches to do the splits for beginners

The splits is an impressive feat of flexibility that is beneficial for a wide variety of activities, including ballet, martial arts, gymnastics and yoga. Training to do the splits takes time, lots of practice and intense stretching. There is no way to shortcut to the splits, and no way to get them in a week or less unless you are already millimeters from the ground. Ready to get started?

In this tutorial you will learn the basic stretches to improve flexibility in order to do a split.
This is a great workout tutorial for beginners and cheerleading, gymnastics or ballet dance. This includes a number of different stretching exercises put together in a fifteen minutes workout.

If you're into ballet, dancer, gymnastics or cheerleading and want to work on and improve flexibility then this exercise routine is just what you need to get your splits or become more flexible.

Let's do it!

What's New

Updated graphics and UI with additional videos and layouts with information and tips on how to stretch to get the splits.

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Feb 23, 2018

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