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By: OVapi

Are you waiting at a busstop for your bus? Use this app to find the delay of that bus.

How does this app know when my bus will arrive?
Almost every regular bus in the Netherlands transmits a message with the current position and punctuality. This information is used to calculate the delay for the next few stops.

Transit agencies
We are an independent app which receives transit data, as required by law, from all transit agencies in the Netherlands, this includes these agencies:

EBS ((Full coverage: Amsterdam)
Arriva (Full coverage)
Qbuzz (Full coverage: Fryslan/Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Utrecht)
Connexxion(CXX)/GVU/Hermes (Provincie Utrecht/Stadsregio Amsterdam/ Zeeland / Stadsregio Eindhoven / Overijssel / Flevoland / Noord-Holland / Zuid-Holland)
Breng (Full coverage)
GVB (Amsterdam)
HTM / HTMbuzz (Haaglanden)
Syntus (Overijssel/Veluwe)
RET (Rotterdam)

Meaning of the colors
Darkgreen means the bus is currently driving and is on schedule
Lightgreen means the bus is planned and there is (currently) no information about any delay.
Red means the bus will depart delayed
Blue indicates the bus is ahead of schedule
White means that there is no real-time information available on this bus.

Contact information
You can contact us at or tweet at @Ovinfoapp

What's New

Small interim release to resolve some issues for the new timetable. Additionally we added a feature to look at the arrival times for train stations.

Number of Downloads :

100,000+ downloads

Last Update :

Dec 7, 2017

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File Size :

3.82 MB

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