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Nikola Tesla Daily
Nikola Tesla Daily

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Nikola Tesla Says: “ Every living being is an engine geared to the wheel work of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance”

Nikola Tesla is often called the man who invented the 20th century, and there are lots of good reasons for that. And yet he's still not nearly as famous as some of his contemporaries, like Marie Curie and Albert Einstein. He was a Serbian American inventor, engineer, physicist, and futurist who is most well known for his design of the modern alternating current electric supply system.

Nikola Tesla Daily brings the wisdom of Nikola Tesla to you in a form of Mobile App, wake up every day, with Nikola Tesla's enriching wisdom, starting today.

The app has some nice features:
- Browse Dailytunes now & set them as your app tune!
- Weekly planner to set different tune for different day!
- Set Daily tunes as Ringtone or Alarm Tone!
- Share daily quote on social network & using other messaging tools
- Listen to background music, to create a serene environment
- Set an alarm to receive daily quote notification
- Add Quotes to your favourites
- Copy the quote to Clipboard
- In app purchase (to make the application Ad free)
- Look at other Dailypedia Apps

Download Now & enjoy daily bliss!

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