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Gorbeh on the Farm
Gorbeh on the Farm

Gorbeh on the Farm1.0


Learn Persian (Farsi) with Gorbeh the Cat!
A new app from the Persian Language Foundation!
Designed especially for young children, this immersive Persian language experience is also ideal for anybody wanting to learn basic Persian vocabulary.
With three multi-level games and an interactive animated song, this beautifully illustrated app will keep your little ones entertained as they are guided through the activities by fun animal characters.
Easy to navigate and understand; players will learn Persian colours, shapes, emotions, food, numbers, animals and much more in the context of a farmyard adventure!
This app prioritises colloquial and conversational Persian that one would expect to hear in the company of friends or family and is the perfect tool for any parents wanting to help their children learn Persian.

What's New

Minor bug fixes

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500+ downloads

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Apr 6, 2017

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87.42 MB

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