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By: Toon

This is the app that comes with Toon, the smart platform that provides insight into your energy usage (and generation). Toon connects your smart appliances and gives you the control. At home, with the display on your wall. Or on the go, with this app.
What’s in this app?

* Waste checker – get to know the energy usage of your appliances, track down energy guzzlers and stop the waste.
* Control Toon on-the-go to prevent unnecessary energy usage
* Get historic insight into your energy and gas usage (both in volume and euro's)
* Philips Hue lighting - control your colourful lighting remotely
* Fibaro smart plugs - get insight into the energy usage of individuals appliances and turn them on and off remotely
* Setting your Week program
* Solar via the Toon app – insights into the output of your solar panel and graphs.
* Holiday mode
* Checking the battery life of your Fibaro smoke detectors via the app

The Toon app can only be used if you have Toon installed and a Toon subscription. By using this app, you accept the terms and conditions:

What's New

They say a watched pot never boils! So we’ve made a new feature that does all the watching for you.

- Toon now watches over your boiler. So you know when there’s a malfunction, or when it’s time for a check-up. In the app you can update your profile and find more information.
- Waste checker: did you become more efficient recently? Waste checker now gives you positive feedback for making improvements.

Number of Downloads :

100,000+ downloads

Last Update :

Dec 6, 2018

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File Size :

2.43 MB

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