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Cockpit++ for DCS
Cockpit++ for DCS

Cockpit++ for DCS1.3

By: astazou
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Bored of losing your ennemie because you needed to press something in your cockpit?
Zoom in the cockpit takes too much time?

Cockpit++ for DCS could help you... the app can extend some panels from DCS onto your Android, the app extends your cockpit out of the monitor.

For now there are few panels, but the app is growing.

Available panels:
- PCA for Mirage 2000C by Razbam
- PPA for Mirage 2000C by Razbam
- RWR for F15C by Eagle Dynamic
- INS for Mirage 2000C by Razbam
- INS knobs for Mirage 2000C by Razbam
- Armament panel for Huey by BelSimTek
- Nozzle panel for the AV8-B n/a Harrier by Razbam

----------- How to install the app ? ----------

1) Download the Cockpit++.lua
from here :

2) Go in C:\Users\yourUser\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts folder (create if not exist)

3) Open the export.lua file (create it if not exist) and add the line:
local Cockpitpp=require('lfs');dofile(Cockpitpp.writedir()..'Scripts/Cockpit++.lua')
if you don't know how to create the Export.lua file, you can take the one you downloaded with Cockpit++.lua

4) In the same folder, add the file Cockpit++.lua

5) Open the Cockpit++.lua and add the IP address of your Android phone (You will find it in the app, in "settings")
Trick: the LUA files must be saved before you launch DCS

6) In the app, go to Settings, add your computer's IP and the two ports which are in the Cockpit++.lua
If you don't how to get your computer's IP:
- Windows touch + "R"
- typing "cmd" and pressing "enter"
- typing "ipconfig" and pressing "enter" in the console
- get your ipv4 address

7) Now start a mission, remove the pause, startup your plane and it should work :)
(the connection between the game and your phone will work only if you are on game without the "pause" and not in a menu)

8) Not working? check the previous steps and/or restart the app and/or check the "not working?" section in the app for ideas of possible problems

More details here:

Good flight sir! O7

----------- Special thanks ----------
- ED's community
- CheckSix's community
- Hoggit's community
- Razbam

What's New

Prevent user to enter bad things in ports ;)

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1,000+ downloads

Last Update :

Mar 25, 2018

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5.14 MB

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