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Finger Blood Pressure Prank
Finger Blood Pressure Prank

Finger Blood Pressure Prank5.0.8


Do you want more fun? Just download blood pressure calculator application and make your life more entertaining. Fingerprint blood pressure checker is a awesome prank application for everyone. Download the blood pressure checker application and make fun with your friends. Actually this blood pressure monitor application is a prank. this application shows you high blood pressure, low blood pressure and normal blood pressure.
This blood pressure checker machine calculate your blood pressure reading. blood pressure checker prank app is free for use.
just place your thumb on thumb scanner area. Blood pressure fingerprint machine calculate your blood pressure on run time and shows your blood pressure chart. this application is very different to other apps you know what! this application have digital meter look like real blood pressure checker meter. you can prank you friends just place their finger on finger scanner and this blood pressure calculator make a fake value of blood pressure of your friend. But your friends did not know about it. (120/80 mm Hg) this is normal blood pressure range. Always keep in mind this is fake bp checker app.
Finger blood pressure prank app have high quality and reality base blood pressure sphygmomanometer machine. And bp prank provide you realistic values of blood pressure. you can blood pressure check with thumb. for getting value of your bp you can use use thumb scanner. finger blood pressure checker application is very easy to use and user friendly.

**** How to Use ****
* Select your Gender and click Next
* Place your thumb on thumb scanner.
* Do not Lift your thumb until scanning complete.
* Bp check prank app show your values of bp after scan complete.
* Enjoy.

**** Disclaimer ****
Blood Pressure Calculator app is just for fun and not have any ability to measure the blood pressure of human body. this is a prank application Don't take it seriously. This is just developed for the joy, entertainment and Fun.

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* Fix Some bugs.

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May 24, 2017

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