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Build Construction Crane – Building Simulator Game
Build Construction Crane – Building Simulator Game

Build Construction Crane – Building Simulator Game1.0.1

Category: CASUAL

Crazy vehicle builder! Let’s construct some heavy lifters and drilling cranes for the town construction company in Build Construction Crane simulator. Come up with newest designs and blueprints from your crane workshop factory to create something unique and reliable for this construction vehicles maker game. Construct, decorate, craft and paint your designed cranes to work on construction sites in the city. Being the specialist crane maker & designer, make sure your cranes are strong as well as full equipped with latest tools & equipment to face difficult building making challenges in build construction crane simulator. Build an excavator, drilling crane & backhoe car for city construction challenges. You build an amazing bridge for the town last time but this time the urban city development department is out of stock with construction cranes, dumper truck & bulldozer. So you should make an awesome looking colorful structure building crane in your factory garage salon after making repairs to it as a trained repairman.

Little boys & girls who wants to be crazy mechanic, start playing this crane building simulation game with fun & adventure. Your architect and engineering skills are needed here to complete this construction building simulator. Start your own factory as an owner and manager to manage the excavator crane & backhoe construction orders. Use automated factory mechanics to design & build huge construction cranes & building vehicles in Build Construction Crane simulator. Make sure you attach and assemble all the parts on the assembly line. Use spray paints to color the repaired parts after fixing issues. Change the body parts and replace old worn out tires with the brand new tyres. You have used many construction vehicles from telescopic crane, excavator, bulldozer, tractor, trailer trucks, tower crane, tipper, trailer trucks, helicopter, telescopic forklift and pickup loader but now constructing these as an expert car constructor is a new mission for you.

Be the crazy repairman & engineer to wash your factory made construction crane. Make sure to remove all the dust and muddy patches. Use liquid soap, dry cloth to make it shine like a new one. Once you are done with constructing & designing the builder crane, clean up the crane workshop factory by picking up tools & placing them on their places allocated. This build construction crane is a unique learning simulation game for your friends and family to play from your home giving construction vehicles a complete makeover. Be the perfect student to learn car crafting skills from your home bed room and show your crafts to the building & architect loving world sim. Use your crane repairing saloon to fix the broken parts after driving the car to your auto garage as trained driver. If you see damages in the building process, fix it.

Download build construction crane simulator today and start building awesome building trucks for your site crew.

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Nov 13, 2018

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