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Yellowbrick: easy to stay, less to pay

In case you’ve never heard about Yellowbrick: Yellowbrick started offering mobile parking in Holland in 2006.

You can start and stop transactions in more than 154 cities on street and at Q-Park facilities. The Q-Park card provides access to over 200 parking garages and park-and- rides. With Yellowbrick you do not have to decide how long you are going to park, this saves you money and time. It also prevents you form getting a parking fine. Start using Yellowbrick right now!

Yellowbrick has developed an app for every popular mobile platform. You can download our ad-free apps for free. In order to be able to park with the app, you will have to register as a customer first, this can be done directly in the app.


• GPS Parking – in many cities, the zone code will be suggested, based on your current location (Turn the location services on)
• It is immediately clear in your parking history how much you pay for your parking. That way, you’ll keep an overview of the costs and you’ll never be surprised
• The Yellowbrick app contains a list of all connected cities
• New car? Change your license plate number free of charge, quickly and as many times as you want
• Visitors? Pay for their parking with this app by entering their license plate number
• You are reminded of active transactions by the app icon. Place the Yellowbrick app on your start-up screen so you won’t forget to stop the transaction
• Set the SMS Reminder Service and you will never forget to stop your parking

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