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Mijn Telfort
Mijn Telfort

Mijn Telfort4.5.5

Category: TOOLS
By: Telfort
3.427238702774 3216

The Mijn Telfort app delivers up-to-date insight in the usage of your mobile subscription.

For subscriptions:
- Invoice insights
- Detailed usage insight
- Subscription overview
- Change subscription
- Message for those who can renew their contract

For Prepaid:
- Amount of Top-up credits
- Buy discount bundles out of your Top-up credits

Available for?
Telfort customers with a mobile subscription or a prepaid account. This app is not available for business and Residential customers.

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What's New

Bugfixes en prestatieverbeteringen

Number of Downloads :

500,000+ downloads

Last Update :

Jul 5, 2018

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18.07 MB

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