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Best Heart-cruel mobile game about love affairs ever in Chinese Court! Marvelous performance in Singapore and Malaysia!
Aesthetic love in Chinese Court, gorgeous palace clothing, and cruel infighting in imperial harem. Drama daily happens!
Forbidden love in court, how much can you suffer the consequences?

[Every branch plot is rewritten by yourself]
Different from the traditional single plot mode. The creative hero and the heroine you choose lead to different plots. Trigger different plots and create your own story in Palace.

[Fight and cheat in imperial harem]
Act as Beyond the Realm of Consciousness. Draw bigwigs over to your side joining in faction conflicts. Making more friends can help you on enhancement. Slapping face! Pricking needle! Fight for surviving!

[Thousands of concubines and historical celebrities’ love-hate relationship through times]
Meet the most beautiful faces here! Such as stunners of successive dynasties, Wei Zifu, Empress Wu Chen Tie, Cai Wenji, Four Ancient Beauties, Lanling King, Ton Pak Fu and so on.

[Various kinds of styling in glamorous dressing]
Dress up with hundreds of collocations by lavish costumes, clothing accessories and decorations! These are all Necessity for luxury of Palace life. Fabulous and stunning…what kind of style do you prefer? What kind of magnate do you want to be? Join in the fashion show in Palace by created the unique clothing for yourself.

[Romantic marriage and interactive love]
There is no need to search for him/her hundreds and thousands of times in the crowd because Professional matchmakers are setting up marriage for you. Your Mr. or Mrs. Right is just in Marriage Attic. Marriage is not the tomb of love but a new start in game. Marriage function provides interactive games between couples such as CP Instance, Couples Costumes, teasing and so on.

[Promotion path is always Startling]
100% restoration of promotion and infighting in the Court! CONFLICT, PENTITION, RESPECT, SLAP…All these skills can satisfy your desire for venting and delight. The higher your official position you get, the more power and right can help you control others’ fate. The only way is to promote high-ranking. Be careful! Back-stabbing is as often the case!

Are you the right one to find your true love or win in the end in court conflict?
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Jun 26, 2018

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