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Rainbow Ice Cream Cooking
Rainbow Ice Cream Cooking

Rainbow Ice Cream Cooking1.1.3

By: bmapps

It is time to make some more amazing ice cream desserts so you can pass them on at a party and enjoy the look on everyone’s face once they take their first lick of it. The first thing you will have to start with is to mix the Flour and the Sugar in a bowl, together with the butter. Continue with the baking powder, vanilla and milk to get it some awesome flavours.

Grab a second bowl and start mixing the icing ingredients so you can have both of them ready whenever you will start to decorate the ice-creams. Make sure to also colour these icings with some food colouring in order to make sure the decoration part of the ice cream making game will go well and you will have some awesome ice-creams to show off at the end.

Bring out the cones when you are ready to fill them up with the delicious mixture and place them in the ultra-freezer to get them chilled as fast as possible. Once you see the timer running low, prepare to remove them as it is now time to get to the decorating part. Add a rainbow frosting on top and then you will be able to add all sorts of different items that will contribute to the aesthetic part of the dessert.

Make lots of ice-cream cones for everyone to enjoy, and also take note of all the amazing features that this app has to offer:
-Colourful environment
-Entertaining progress throughout the cooking part
-Freedom of choice when decorating
-Amazing combinations of ingredients
-Smooth instructions that you can follow flawlessly
-Great sounding background music to set the mood for cooking

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