Tap Tap Dash Run
Tap Tap Dash Run

دانلود بازی Tap Tap Dash Run 10.1

دسته: آرکید
توسط: Cerkes
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Tap Tap Dash Run, the most addictive, entertaining jumping & running game for kids.
Tap Tap jump! Tap tap run! Tap tap switch! to flip dash in new arcade game "Tap Tap Dash Rush". Navigate adorable animal cute through danger and fun in the world of Tap Tap Game!

Just tap tap on the dash screen at the right time while collecting diamonds for points.this sounds easy, you’ll see how hard is to unlock all levels of this jump and run game. Enjoy endless fun of changing sides

Tap Tap Dash Run is a colorful game for kids with built arcade and obstacles. Small animals controlled by the player, overcome difficulties.You will have to tap dash pet tap jump dash change direction to complete the task.

Have fun!

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10,000+ downloads

آخرین بروزرسانی :

Jun 2, 2018

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14.67 مگابایت

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