Cup Man Mug Head
Cup Man Mug Head

دانلود بازی Cup Man Mug Head 1,0

توسط: Avi Labs
3.5625 16

dventure travel to liberate freedom in chains.
Two Cup Man and Mug Head champion who became the main character in the best episode version.
When the Blue Cup goes along with his brother the Red Mug.
With a plot of stories that will go on and collect the total prize on the way.
Quality shows proof as the best version with classic grain movie effects with screen-scratches on every scene.
Become the best player to reach the end of the earliest story from other players.
Passing Sonic, Dragon Sprayer, Devil and many others will add excitement.
All controls in the game are made as easy as possible to be recognized and controlled through devices that install without the need for other consoles or third parties.
Background music and sound effects that add to the enjoyment while playing.
No less important, the best quality graphics are automatically recognized by your device.
Play and forget about all the controls of the slip, the broken server network, as all will never be in this game.

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1,000+ downloads

آخرین بروزرسانی :

Feb 25, 2018

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توسعه دهنده :

Avi Labs

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35.14 مگابایت

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