School and Neighborhood MCPE map
School and Neighborhood MCPE map

دانلود بازی School and Neighborhood MCPE map 2.1

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We offer you to walk in a small Minecraft neighborhood with a school standing in its center. Though the town is not very large, you can hardly call it provincial. There are lots of luxurious two-story mansions and each of them has its own garden and pool.

The main attractions of this map are a school and a theater. You will appear at one end of the street, precisely in a residential sector. Walk down the main road and drop into nearby houses and parks on your way, if you want.

DISCLAIMER: we are not and do not pretend to be a part of the Mojang, and the software applications provided by us are not official for Minecraft Pocket Edition. The Mojang is the sole possessor of Minecraft Brand Name and all Minecraft-related assets. All rights are reserved. On the basis of

At the end of a long and winding street, you will discover the schoolhouse and the theater standing to the right from it. The school in Minecraft is well-designed and very detailed. The classrooms are not empty but filled with appropriate stuff. The schoolhouse in MCPE is fairly large and has two floors. Like in most schools, the first floor here presents a spacious hall with lockers for cloth and school supplies. On the second floor, there are only classrooms.

Have fun in the school together with your friends or if you are tired, just settle down in one of the houses nearby the educational institution. The School in Minecraft is a very interesting map to explore.

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