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توسط: Durian!
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This isn't your average board game! Whoops!! brings the fun of thousand-year-old "cross and circle" games to your tablet or phone. Gameplay is similar to that of other cross and circle games, such as Parcheesi, Ludo, or Sorry.

Move around the board clockwise and try to get all four of your pieces into the ending area. Different cards influence your movement and enable special moves to be performed that can quickly turn the tides on your opponents. But be careful! Your opponents have access to the same set of moves.

Gameplay is rapid-paced, as cards that contain invalid moves will slide off-screen automatically. No time is wasted in-between turns. Progress bars and ranks in the four corners of the screen will keep you up to date on where you stand in comparison to the other players.

Your pieces have personality as well! Whenever a move happens in-game, watch as they react to the events that occur around them. Cutscenes are activated from certain extra special cards, which feature your pieces as well. They also have a somewhat tragic backstory!

This app is produced by "Durian!" of Boston, MA. We are a small, independent team looking to bring fun and fresh gameplay experiences to all of your devices. Whoops!! is our first polished creation, and we hope that you enjoy playing it as much as we did making it.

تغییرات :

- allow moving out of Start on first turn for faster games
- updates shuffle algorithm

تعداد دانلود :

1,000+ downloads

آخرین بروزرسانی :

Nov 8, 2017

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9.35 مگابایت

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