Taboo World
Taboo World

دانلود بازی Taboo World 1.2

توسط: Kubilay YILMAZ
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Taboo is a fun game where you can play comfortably with your friends or your family.

What can you tell the difference from other taboos game. 5 language support and 9 languages list of available words.

In the game

-9 Available Word List (Turkish, English, Hin, German,French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish)
-Team names
-Tour duration (30 sec Min Max 300sec)
-The right to pass (min 2 max 5 pas the right to pass)
-Language (Turkish, English, German, French,İtalian) can be changed.

Taboo World is not associated with Hasbro or Hersch and Company's Taboo, Tabou, Tabu, Tabù, Tabuh, or any other variants of the Taboo products, registered trademarks.

تغییرات :

New design!
Extended times!

تعداد دانلود :

10,000+ downloads

آخرین بروزرسانی :

Apr 12, 2018

نسخه فعلی :


توسعه دهنده :

Kubilay YILMAZ

حجم فایل :

11.43 مگابایت

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