Truple - Screenshot Accountability
Truple - Screenshot Accountability

دانلود Truple - Screenshot Accountability 0.1.7

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Truple is an Alternative to traditional Accountability and Parental Control software. It works by randomly capturing and sharing screenshots with your accountability partner.

* Screenshots capture social media content including snapchat, facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr, etc.
* Screenshots capture all SMS texts, whatsapp messages, kik messages, chat rooms, etc.
* No "good" sites/apps that have bad content make it through
* View screenshots online through, through email, or through the android app
* Define the screenshot interval (once every 1 minute - 5 minutes)
* (Optional) Redact text (black out words) from images to maintain privacy while staying accountable
* (Optional) Blur screenshots (with 3 different level settings) to protect accountability partners from graphic details
* Wifi preferred upload mode to save mobile data bandwidth
* Highly tamper proof as it uses the "Device Admin" setting to prevent uninstalls and shutdowns without being emailed first
* Secure--all communication is done over HTTPS and screenshots are encrypted with 256 bit AES

It's great for families, couples, or individuals trying to break bad habits.

Whether its to protect and teach your children, safeguard your marriage, or beat an addiction, a small degree of accountability with our smartphones can make a huge difference.

Truple requires a subscription of $5 / month. To sign up, visit 14 day trial is available.

This app uses the Usage Data Access permission. The Usage Data Access permission is used so Truple can detect when incognito/private/secrete browsers are used, and alert accountability partners accordingly.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. The Device Administrator permission is used to inform accountability partners about users attempts to shutdown or disable Truple.

تغییرات :

* prevent false positive cognito/private browser usage

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500+ downloads

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May 30, 2018

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